Young Children and Computers

This assignment will allow you to determine whether two computer games and two television shows are developmentally appropriate..

The Assignment
Choose four technological media such as computer games and software that young children are exposed to. (This can also include ipads, tablets, Wii, X box, etc) Based on the information in the text determine if the games are developmentally appropriate. Write a 1-2 paragraph (7-10 sentences) summary for each media. You will submit all of your summaries together. Each summary should include:

  1. Name of media
  2. Brief description: purpose, influence of the particular media, contents
  3. Your determination on whether or not the game/media is developmentally appropriate. Support your opinion with reasons.

Grading Criteria

Your submission should contain (4) summaries (20 points each). A 1-2 paragraph summary for each game/show (10 points). Spelling/Grammar is also graded (10 points).

Assignment should be a word document.

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