What is religion? Do Indigenous peoples practice religion?

Please respond to the following:

Think about what you think religion is. Next, ask five (5) people what their definition of religion is. Then look up a definition of religion from outside of the book (cite your source). Now, read the definition of religion in the textbook.

Main discussion questions for the week:

  • What are at least three (3) problems with defining religion? Explain why they are problematic.
  • Of the three (3) approaches to religion—Materialist, Functional, or Faith—which helps to better explain the problems you have encountered in your research?
  • Cite the source(s) you used to answer these questions.

Be sure to respond to at least one (1) other student.

Extra Credit Question (worth up to 5 points depending on the depth and quality of your answer). 

Pick one of the indigenous religions discussed in class and explain a major problem people have in understanding that religion. Why is there such a problem?

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