There are many articles and books written about the differences between managers and leaders. Leaders are visionary, influential in positive ways, value their teams, support their growth, and empower their staff. Leaders who are positive in their actions coach, delegate, and share recognition. Read the following scenarios and answer the questions given in each scenario.

Scenario A

Consider a time when you had the experience of being led by someone who was able to get you to achieve more than you thought you could. Based on what you learned about leadership styles, describe events examining how your selected leader worked by certain principles. In addition, report details of an event demonstrating how you were led to perform.

Scenario B

Now, recall a time when you were led by someone who could not motivate you. Describe events pointing out how your selected leader’s working style made subordinates feel uncomfortable .

On the basis of the Leadership Styles Scenario A, answer the following questions:

On the basis of the Leadership Styles Scenario B, answer the following questions:

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