The Research Project

Identify a generic organization (e.g., manufacturing plant, hospital, educational institution). You will use this same organization in your Week 5 Final Project. Assume that you are part of a research team examining work groups in the organization to determine factors that enhance or inhibit group productivity. Identify what factors you would examine in your research and provide a rationale for your choice.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts using source citations from the course text and at least two other scholarly sources, one of which can be a course video.  Provide constructive peer review feedback.

David’s Post:

Organization: Manufacturing plant

I have almost no experience with manufacturing, but I think productivity is a huge focus in an operation like this. I would look at how the organization is structured and then I would examine how those sub-groups work.

I would look at performance levels as a baseline for each group then compare communication dynamic.  According to Hale (2012) and a MIT study, the most valuable form of communication for groups is face-to-face communication.  The development of new ideas and other kinds of creativity come from these interactions.

I would examine performance expectations and how goals are developed and defined (Coget & Losh, 2018, p.69). Clearly defined roles and expectations put staff on the right course to success.  If the target is unclear or ambiguous, then nothing really gets accomplished in terms of high level objectives.

I would assess how managers and supervisors are graded and what level of trust do the sub-groups have with their managers.  Effective management and leadership is critical.  Lack of cohesion, distrust and poor attendance are indications of ineffective leadership.

I would look at training and skills development opportunities.  Employees remain engaged and motivated if they see an investment in them.  That investment often produces loyalty and higher performance.


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