The Incompetent Patient

Please view the video, Being Mortal, by Dr. Atul Gawande (Frontline). Take notes as you view this thoughtful and sensitive presentation, using the pause button if you need. In your “Main Discussion” post select two or three ideas that struck as being particularly interesting or important. In your first sentence identify the points you will discuss. Then thoughtfully discuss the points that you selected.

Being Mortal –

Make sure that you submit two posts: (1) “Main Post” – one post should address the discussion topic. (2) “Response Post” – one post should be a response to another person`s post. Each post needs to be 20 sentences in length. Also, make sure that you read all or almost all of the posts of your classmates. Your “Main Post” needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday.Your “Response Post” needs to be submitted by midnight on Sunday.

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