EAS105 Reading Response #3

For this exercise your task is to discuss a section from one of your assigned readings. For this assignment, please refer to the section titled “The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party” (p.406-411) in Mao’s Revolutionary Doctrine, which you can find under “weeks 7-9” on the Course Materials page of Quercus.

  1. Read the section called “Report on an Investigation of the Hunan Peasant Movement” (406-411). It is not necessary for the purpose of this assignment to read the entire chapter, though you should read the rest of it for the purpose of the class.
  2. What information or background does the author provide to contextualize the history of Chinese revolution? (There may be quite a bit of information in the text. Make sure to identify important information that deepens the reader’s understanding of why Chinese communism arose when it did.)
  3. State the author’s overall argument in one sentence; then, explain how he builds his argument about the Peasant Movements. How does the author discuss the Peasant Movements in relation to the Revolution? If you were to state the argument of the entire section in one sentence, what would that be? (Remember that an author’s argument is not any one point or fact, but rather the ultimate conclusions the author draws from these points.)
  4. Think about the significance of the argument. How is the understanding of Chinese revolution important for understanding recent history? How has it affected the course of history?

First contextualize and skim the reading, while making sure to stop and look up terms you may not understand. Then return to the beginning to read through this portion carefully after you have skimmed through the assigned text. Then respond to the above questions, focusing on the author’s discussion of what Chinese revolution is and its significance.

Per the syllabus, this is a one page (single-spaced) response (about 500 words). It is marked out of 5% and must be submitted via the Portal by midnight on the due date (March 11th). For all writing assignments, late submissions (except for medical reasons) will be penalized by 10% per day (up to 50%) and will not be accepted after a week.


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