The Catholic Church has a three year cycle of readings from Scripture which is used for Mass on Sunday. Each student will choose one Sunday’s set of readings, research those passages, and then provide a conclusion as to why the readings were chosen to be presented together.

Length: At least 9 pages of double-spaced text. (Does not include Title Page / Works Cited Page)


1) Choose one Sunday of Ordinary time from the link provided in Blackboard and read the First and Second Readings, the Psalm, and the Gospel Reading.

Section B (10:10): You will choose from Year B


2) Write an introduction which includes the Sunday chosen, the three readings (1st, 2nd, and Gospel) along with their citations. Include your thesis statement which is reason these reading are grouped together.

3) Part I of the paper: Exegesis of passages

For each of the 3 readings (1st, 2nd, and Gospel), you need to

a) identify the reading

b) summarize what is in the passage

c) give the context of the passage (what is around it in the book)

d) give the overall meaning of the passage in context

For the Psalm, you need to

a) identify the Psalm

b) summarize the verses used for the Sunday

c) give the overall meaning and structure of the poem

NB: You may need to use the link on BB to help reconcile verse numbers in the lectionary with whatever Bible you are using.

4) Part II of the paper

You should give and analyze the connections that are found within the readings and the Psalm. What are their themes and how do the themes relate? Is there a progression from one reading to another? What else makes these fit together. This is where you prove your thesis.

Other Guidelines

Please name your file in the following format 1301_Lastname_Firstinitial_rp

Please include a separate title page (not counted toward the page count) with your name and ID number.

Include page numbers on each page, but do not include your name with the page number.

You must use Chicago style parenthetical references and Works Cited page (not counted for page count).

You must have at least TWO sources for your paper outside the Bible and Lectionary. You cannot have a source from the internetUNLESS it is an on-line journal provided from the Doherty Library e-journal holdings.

Please proof-read the paper well and make sure everything is well documented.

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