Corrections in America 2020

Subject Matter Research Papers

For this semester, you are required to research and write three Subject Matter Research Papers. These papers must be at least 2 full pages in length, a minimum of 500 words, and must answer the questions asked. They must be in a Times New Roman 12 font and are worth 60% of your grade (20% each). The papers have a turn in date assigned, but maybe turned in early either in a printed form or emailed to me by the end of the day on the date due. Papers emailed must be in a Word Document and sent as an attachment, and must have your name, class name and sources on the paper. Late papers, no matter what your excuse is, will not be accepted.

Paper #2, Senior Citizens in Correctional Facilities

Question #1, Should the elderly be sent to prison, and for what crimes?

Question #2 Can Correctional facilities deal with elderly issues effectively?

Question #3, Is there an alternative to their incarceration?


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