Question 1
Which of the following statements is correct?
Intrinsic values are deemed to be good because of their consequences and because they are a desired means to an end.
Moral rules, as well as exceptions to moral rules, are established by means of ethical principles.
There are no important differences between social conventions and moral rules.
Most moral questions have clearly demonstrable correct answers that can be scientifically established.

Question 2
Which of the following is a correct statement?
Kant maintained that since Fate ruled all one’s actions, one could not be held morally accountable for a bad action.
An intelligent person resolves moral issues by appealing to what most people believe.
Self-control is a necessary trait of the moral person.

Question 3
Eva, the chief executive officer of Federated Corporation, wants to ensure that the company’s activities are legal and achieve the greater good. The best course for Eva and her company is to act in
Ignorance of the law
Regard for the firm’s shareholders only
Their own self-interest
None of the above.

Question 4
Laredo believes that all ethical standards and principles are set forth in a book called Ethics for All that was written by a prominent ethics philosopher. Laredo refers to this book for guidance and rules by which to lead his life. Which of the following ethical theories most accurately describes Laredo’s approach and conduct?
Kantian ethics
Ethical Relativism
Social Darwinism

Question 1
Fran, an executive with Global Sales Corporation, has to decide whether to market a useful product that nonetheless might have undesirable side-effects for a small number of users. What ethical theory would the Sophists advise her to use so that her firm can morally market the product?
Kantian ethics
Corporate Social Responsibility
Last Resort theory.

Question 2
Whistle blowing may be morally required when:
A code of ethics requires it.
Kantian ethics demands it as the morally right thing to do.
The DeGeroge whistle blowing ethics principle applies.
All of the above.

Question 3
Bribery of foreign government officials can be:
Legal as a “facilitating and expediting” exception under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
Moral pursuant to Utilitarian ethics if all the stakeholders benefit.
Moral pursuant to Ethical Relativism.
All of the above.


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