Throughout the quarter,  we’ve examined many aspects related to science – gender in particular, but also sex, sexuality, race, and class. What, if anything would you personally choose to change about the relationship between science/technology/medicine and various social categories? In other words, if you could, how would you make STEM better? When answering this prompt, please feel free to answer in as broad (“macro”) or particular (“micro”) a manner as you like.

Consider the various aspects of science, technology, medicine, etc. that we’ve discussed this semester, especially as they relate to gender and sex, sexuality, race, and socio-economic status/social class. Consider what you find most inspiring or promising and what you find most limited or problematic. Now, step into Piercy’s shoes and imagine what science, technology, medicine, etc. might look like in your preferred future. In other words, compose a brief reflection on how and why science, technology, and/or medicine could be – from your perspective – made better going forward. Hint: you can approach this question in a broad sense, reflecting on large-scale social structures or institutions. On the other hand, some may find it helpful to narrow in on one particular aspect like reproduction. The choice is yours!


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