Attached are the instructions. Below is the Case Study you will have to read in order to complete the assignment.

 In a two-page paper, answer the questions following the case study with arguments for and arguments against this arrangement.

Using A-R-E (Assertion-Reasoning-Evidence) will help you to produce your work.

Case Study:  Two unmarried Seniors living Together

Sarah and Ben, both in their seventies and widowed, have fallen in love and feel a strong need for each other’s com- panionship. Because Sarah would lose her social security pension if she remarried, they have moved into an apart- ment together without getting married and are enjoying a full sex life. Their grown children for the most part are very upset by this and constantly tell Sarah and Ben how they feel about their domestic arrangement. Some of the children even refuse to call or visit them because they are living together. Despite this situation, Ben and Sarah seem to be happy. Is what they are doing moral? Why or why not?

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