Rhetorical Analyses STEAM

Overview: To prepare for this essay, the class read a chapter of interest from the book “Learning Critical Thinking Skills Beyond 21st Century For Multidisciplinary Courses”. In addition, you will select a new chapter and do the quizzes. You listened to videos on “What is 21st Century Education” (In-Class) and “How to connect the dots” (Home). You heard about a STEAM program on “Code, Write and Draw” (In-Class) and researched STEAM schools/programs (Map project). You posted an article on Canvas related to our readings and you will include an interview.

Prompt: What is the purpose of STEAM education in the 21st century? Please focus your rhetorical analyses on STEAM programs offered during the school year in the Bay Area and in California? How are the programs organized? Who participates? Do any target students from low-income families? Is there a gender gap?

Directions: Tell the most interesting story of what you learned from the classroom activities and discussions with your peers and why you selected your literature while addressing the questions above. Please defend critically your point of view.

Requirements: • Meet the 1000 words requirement for both drafts of this essay.

• Follow APA formatting rules. Type the essay in Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1” page margins.

• Be clear and logical, and make sure that your paper is well organized.

• Proofread and revise carefully before you submit the final reflection: this should be a polished piece of writing, and it will be graded as such.

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