Question :

For this assignment, search the Internet and find a minimum of two articles with an incident when physical security failed. You will then provide a brief overview of the event. After that, you will then write at least three (3) paragraphs on each article.

Each paragraph will have at least four (4) complete sentences with a DIFFERENT in-text citation.

In those paragraphs, you will write what protocols you would have put in place if you were in charge of security for the organizations mentioned in the articles. Ensure that you support your arguments with at least one in-text citation in each paragraph.

Please ensure that your posted assignments coincide with the writing requirements in the course syllabus and the assignment instructions. This assignment is the foundation for a future assignment.

Must follow below requirements:

Must have 2 different in-text citations for each paragraph

Must be in own words

References should be included

Must have 4 complete sentences for each paragraph.

Start with a overview , then 3 paragraphs for each article.

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