Online education has become very popular with students pursuing their education as well as amongst working professionals. Both the students and the professionals are benefiting hugely in the flexibility and freedom that online courses offer.

Online distance learning has been around for some time, but today, there has been a burst of courses that are competing highly with traditional schooling education – people wonder if online learning will ever overtake traditional schooling. Online education certainly seems here to stay. If this is the case, then what are the implications of the traditional education system?

With these courses, plenty of motivation and self-discipline are required, and there’s no cheating here! Some students decide to plagiarize to improve their grades, but fortunately, there is legit plagiarism-checker software to combat that. In the traditional classroom setting, you have your peers around you, with instructors, holding you accountable for your work. Online work entails you being disciplined. There aren’t teachers looking over your shoulder. Online courses involve you setting out your own goals and tracking your own progress and meeting your own deadlines.


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