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Question 1

Nurses spend most of their time with patients and their health history information. As a nurse, I must review records of patients, their health histories, and engage in therapy by administering the drugs. I should ensure confidentiality and privacy to patients’ information. I strictly follow the guidelines of the nursing oath to ensure that I keep the patient’s information as confidential as possible. (Masters, 2017).

As a nurse, I will observe privacy and security in the workplace to ensure that patients’ information is protected from unauthorized personnel. For instance, the computers that are used to store the patients’ information should have a password, and also, the recording room should strictly close to ensure confidentiality and privacy. Also, I should be compliant with the rules and regulations of health insurance portability and accountability act (Masters, 2017).

I should understand ways of protecting the health information, time to share, whom to share with, and how. I ensure that I allow patients to have the right to decide on how their health information will be shared. The nurse must know how to implement sensible safeguards to reduce cases of disclosures (Masters, 2017). Also, the patient information should the private, and there should be well-monitored disposal of the information in adherence to privacy policies in the workplace.

Question 2

The role of information management is to help the nurses to analyze and to maintain patient data. Information management is very vital in nursing practice. The adoption of technology in documenting patient’s information is important in making it readily available. It makes it readily available and be interpreted by the nurses, especially for patient’s vital signs (Masters, 2017).

Healthcare information management professionals play an essential role in collecting, analyzing, storing, retrieving, and maintaining data. Nurses use the information in disease diagnosis and coding. The report also gives guidelines to various patients’ medical services procedures.

Personal notes are another important aspect in assisting nurses in documenting patient’s information (Masters, 2017). Using a template of notes assists in reducing the nurses’ workloads. Nurses can establish patients’ needs and preferences using the information stored. The data collected from various centers can assist nurses in establishing the health situation of an area. Thus, it will be easy to develop medication before the situation worsens.

Question 3

The underserved population is exposed to the use of technologies such as mobile phones that they use in sending and receiving messages. They are also exposed to the internet that helps them access health information from the doctors (Masters, 2017). The use of Telehealth is very prevalent in South Florida. Another innovation called Babyscripts remotely monitors the patients in their homes (Wile, 2017). Its aides in serving the underserved communities, especially the Spanish speaking.

The use of the internet and cell phone helps the underserved population of Florida to receive alert messages from the doctor sharing the diagnosis results. Nurses should observe the confidentiality and privacy policies of the patients’ information by adhering to the rule and regulation of health insurance portability and accountability act (Masters, 2017).

Also, the use of technologies such as cell phones and the internet, commonly use Google Health and the Microsofts’ Health Vault, helps provide alert information from the doctors, thus increasing the healthy lifestyle of the underserved population. Patients accessing these services are assured of the privacy of their health information, thus not being the target of advertisers.


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