Northampton Community College Spanish American War Essay

  1. Was the Spanish-American War in fact a “splendid little war”? What was “splendid” about it? What was ill-conceived about it?
  2. Discuss the causes and consequences of the Filipino insurrection against the United States. Who was Emilio Aguinaldo? Did the US treat him fairly?Why has this war been so little remembered by subsequent generations of Americans?
  3. Discuss crusades of progressive reformers to prohibit alcohol, restrict immigration and achieve women’s suffrage. Offer specific example of people and their ideas. How does this period seem similar to the challenges in today’s society?

Write a MINIMUM three-page document, double-spaced, 12 font, with detailed information in a Windows Word document or PDF file. Cite Your sources after each question. (Brinkley, page numbers), (recorded lectures), etc. Attach the document to the “submit assignment drop box. Thanks.

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