Use two classmates’ posts below, and respond to the questions listed below.

1)  Do you agree or disagree with their choice of CQI Model given the measures they chose?

2)  Give rationale why you either agree or disagree, and give one example that illustrates your answer.

Class 1.

1: Anti-Depressant Medication Management (AMM)

2: Immunization Status

Sources of data needed to conduct the two measures:

When looking at AMM (HEDIS #1), the sources of data that need to be collected would start with a depression screening to see where the patients are and how severe their depression is. They can also look at the different medications, and the effects of those after a patient have been taking them for 12 weeks or six months. Follow-up screening is also another form of data to be able to see how patients are doing every month, and if things are getting better or worse, then changes can be made to the medication or dosage.

For the immunization status (HEDIS #2), there is an easy source to be able to collect that data that’s needed. Electronic medical records (EMR) is a tool that’s available for healthcare providers to collect and be able to communicate information (Dutta & Hwang. 2020). EMRs help tracks the immunization status of each patient, and those would be able to be obtained anywhere since they are in their electronic medical records. This helps patients know every immunization they’ve received and where they need an updated shot.

 Apply one of the CQI models to implement the two HEDIS measures:  How would you use the CQI model for the measures?


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