Students should locate natural settings for these observations (e.g., friend or family homes, child
care settings, backyards, playgrounds, malls, senior centers, restaurants, etc.) in which there
exists a strong potential for interaction partners to be observed. You are free to use relatives
and/or friends! Students should observe each set of interaction partners for a
minimum of three
(all at once or in multiple time frames), focusing on
verbal and nonverbal
for each person for each assignment, and then complete a written summary.
Students must follow this format for each written summary of their observations:
This section must include a detailed description of what research and theory
explain are the typical interaction patterns, communication skills and abilities
and/or, language skills one would expect to see in the age groups of each
interaction partner. For example, if you are observing a child and an adult, you
must explain what the research/theory says are the typical interaction patterns,
communication skills and abilities of BOTH the adult AND the child. If you only

discuss one or the other, points will be deducted.
This entire section must be grounded in
communication research and theory
only scholarly, academic sources – websites are NOT acceptable sources for any
assignment in this class. Each paper should have a minimum of 4 scholarly
This section should be a minimum of approximately 2-3 pages in length
This section must contain rich, detailed descriptions of the specific behaviors and
interactions of BOTH partners that you observe during your time observing the
interaction partners.


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