Find a primary source document on some aspect of the course. This could be anything you think is appropriate to the assignment. Typically it can be a newspaper article, a photograph or series of photographs, a television clip, a website, any primary source that deals with the issue of labour and protest. Using what we have talked about in class, your texts, and your own analysis, describe how the source frames the protest, strike, lockout, rally, or march and provide an analysis of this source. Your paper will be brought to class and portions may be read by you as part of our tutorial discussions that week.

Cite Source, title, author of original source or and where you found it (i.e. if in collection cite collection).

Describe  content; very briefly describe the source. For example: “I chose a series of photos on the “Battle in Seattle that shows the labour march through the protest.”

Relevance of Source; This is the key part of assignment. Explain the significance of the source. How does the source aid in the understanding of the event, or perhaps it creates a misunderstanding, and the depiction of labour and class within the context of the protest being discussed? How does it frame the labour issues? Or class issues?

Here is a guide for what you should cover;

Types of Sources You may choose any type for example; a newspaper article, a news clip , a website, a poster, a pamphlet…If you are unsure just check with me.

Marking Criteria

Has an appropriate source, cited, with author identified and content described.

Relevance of Source is examined. World view of source and intended audience is discussed and placed in historic context. The significance of the source is explained with an understanding of how the source aids in the understanding of class and labour issues in the time period. Paragraphing was sensible. Writing was clear and easy to follow. Grammar was correct. Quotations and citations were accurately and properly attributed to their sources.

the course is about :

Politics and Protest in Canada

readings: The Graphic History Collective, Direct action gets the goods(ALL)

Strikes, Politics, and Protest in Canada

readings: The Graphic History Collective, Direct action gets the goods(ALL)

The Limits of Social Unionism


Shantz, J. (2009), THE LIMITS OF SOCIAL UNIONISM IN CANADA. WorkingUSA, 12: 113–129.

4 pages double space   size 12

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