Impact Strategy Formulation

In this project, you will review a company’s strategy. You will analyze the factors that led up to a company selecting their strategy by reflecting back on your direction-setting documents and your environmental analysis from previous weeks.

After completing this assignment, you will be able to:
Analyze critical direction-setting documents and analysis data used to formulate a corporate strategy.
Before formulating a strategy, a company needs to develop an essential summary of their direction-setting and environmental analysis data and then determine exactly how those will impact the strategy they formulate. These processes highlight that strategic planning is not a “check the box,” step-by-step process. It is a series of interconnected steps.

Preparation for
This assignment will prepare you to complete Project 3.4: Strategy Formulation at the end of Week 3. In that project, you will analyze the strategy of a well-known entertainment or media-related company.


  1. Download the worksheet below. The worksheet will guide you through this assignment.

3.3_DemonstrateAssignment_Using_Direction_Setting_and_Analysis_DataWorksheet.pdf336 KB

  1. Complete each section of the worksheet:
    a. Review Disney’s Direction Setting Statements: Vision, Mission, and Core Values.
    b. Examine the environmental analysis data for Disney.
    c. Answer the 3 questions at the bottom of the worksheet based on your review of items a and b.
  2. You will submit your completed worksheet to the Completion field below

Name your file using this naming convention: LastName_FirstInitial_Project3Prep (for example, SOTO_A_Project3Prep.doc).

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