Please look at three HR websites as an analyst (1 page Single space): you should use Riverside, CA  (County) as one of the three websites. It is a strong example.  Everyone should also pick a New Jersey city (they tend to be weaker).The third example is of your choosing but you might select San Bernardino CA.

1. Answer some technical questions first:

(a) how many classifications do they have (very general estimates are fine [25 positions x 11 pages = 275 classifications] if number of records or positions is not noted);

(b) number of unions with representation;

(c) compare the salary of two comparable positions with one being a police officer and the other being of your choosing;

(d) compare the number of steps/levels common in each jurisdiction and whether you can determine the basis for moving from one level to the next. Note: if you are having trouble getting some comparative information from the website, feel free to call the HR department and share your experience.

2. Then make some qualitative remarks about the ideal website (vis-à-vis position management) based on your analysis of the best practices you observe.  OR Discuss a “comps-and-class” study with which you are familiar. You should have enough familiarity with it to discuss it in some detail.

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