Human Immunodeficiency Virus

CHS 101

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

The first paragraph of the paper is the introduction and is where you’ll set the context of the issue. Describe why the issue is important and what the goal of the paper is. Be thorough, but concise!


Provide a background to the public health burden. Explain what causes it, any risk factors (modifiable and non-modifiable), and briefly describe how it can be prevented. Each issue will be unique, so be sure to have a thorough understanding of the issue before describing its background.

Public Health Burden

Describe the burden of the disease on the individual, family, and society. Utilize the morbidity and mortality indicators we have discussed in class, including but not limited to: disability-adjusted life years (DALY), years of potential life lost (YPLL), life expectancy, morbidity rates, and mortality rates. In addition, note any disparities that exist and explain why they exist. Discuss the financial burden of disease (e.g., cost for treatment, medication, etc.) and any potential emotional burden. Utilize graphs to depict changes overtime or visually explain the burden of disease.


This section outlines the prevention efforts can be conducted or are currently being conducted. Utilize the socio-ecological model and identify what can be done at each level to make a positive change. In addition, identify primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts that can also make a positive change. The latter prevention efforts do not have to be limited to just the individual level.


Briefly explain if there are treatment options for your selected disease or disorder. What are their associated outcomes, and survival rates? Explain the quality of life of the individuals who receive treatment and long term impacts of the disease.

Health Agencies

This section outlines health agencies that impact the public health concern. Provide a description of the health agency and how their activities affect the health of a community with regards to your public health concern (e.g., physical, social/cultural factors, community organization, individual behaviors, etc.).


Utilize this section to summarize the key points within each of the sections of your research paper.


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