The access to healthcare is a basic right should be offered to all the members of the public in a country. The United States’ government should and, therefore, safeguard the rights of the citizen from violations by ensuring that quality healthcare services are provided to the people. The access to the healthcare services is a basic right of the people should ensure that the people are given fair and equal treatments as far as the healthcare is concerned. (Winters, 2018) Similar services should be provided to the members of the public as that would help in safeguarding their welfare hence reducing the possible discrimination and biases which might again lead to the excessive violation of their rights. The basic healthcare services should be provided to all the United States’ citizens as that would help in safeguarding their rights which should be guaranteed by the government. This is done by developing universal healthcare services whose agenda is to provide quality services to the people without discriminating them. (Marozzi, 2018)

For the United States’ residents who are not citizens of the country, universal healthcare services should again be provided to them as that would help in safeguarding the good name of the country. This will play a significant role in bringing about good public relations with the other countries in the entire world if the citizens of the country are given quality healthcare attention while still in the United States. The basic healthcare services should be paid by the government due to the fact it is its responsibilities to ensure that the rights of the people are protected through the right medical attention and care. The payment done by the government will again make it easy for the services to be offered without discriminations as the government will develop a mechanism to weed out all the discriminative processes. (Kleinman, 2018)

part 2 /professor question

————–, good support for healthcare as a right.  How does the Constitution support your assertion?  How would we fund basic care for all in the United States?  What in your opinion is basic care?

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