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Date Taken: 3/24/2017
Time Spent: 1 h , 25 min , 00 secs
Points Received: 25.00 / 25.00  (100%)
Question Type: # Of Questions: # Correct:
True/False 1 1
Multiple Choice 29 29


Grade Details – All Questions


Question 1. Question : Ralf owns a home with a fireplace and a generator. He has stacks of wood and several 55-gallon drums
of camping oil in his garage. He likes to go camping and leaves his home for several days at a time, often
with a fire burning in his fireplace. In addition, he leaves his home unlocked. Which of the following
hazards apply?
  Physical hazard and moral hazard.
  Morale hazard only.
  Morale hazard and physical hazard.
  Physical hazard only.
  Points Received:  


Question 2. Question : Brea is looking for an insurance policy for her car. Her friend, Justin, who is an attorney, just told her
that the policy is a contract and has some unique characteristics. Which of the following terms applies to the insurance contract?
1. Unilateral.
2. Aleatory.
3. Adhesive.
  Statements 1 and 2.
  Statement 2 only.
  Statements 2 and 3.
  Statements 1, 2 and 3.
  Points Received:  


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