Topic Selection and Proposal

For this assignment, you will select a topic on ethical practices in human services. This topic will be the basis for your assignments throughout the course. This is the topic for which you will develop a professional training seminar for staff members in an organization or local community for the final project assignment. Your topic must address a specific ethical issue in human services that is present in organizational operations and delivery of clinical or community services.

Read all the course assignments and choose a topic. Make sure the topic you have chosen will work in all the assignments in the course.

For this assignment, select a topic from this list of possible topics:

Once you have selected a topic, select the professional code of ethics (for example, the ethics code of the National Organization for Human Services, American Counseling Association, or the National Association of Social Workers) that you will use as your basis for analyzing the ethical issues involved.

In your assignment submission, include the following:

Assignment Requirements


Informed Consent

Review the scenarios in Exercise 3.2 on page 66 ***(SEE BELOW)***of your textbook and view any related media. In your initial post, discuss the purpose of informed consent and how it would apply to two of the scenarios. Respond to the following in relation to informed consent:

Exercise 3.2

An Issue of Informed Consent

Directions: Below you will find a number of scenarios involving a helper and a client for whom informed consent is an issue. As you read the scenarios, identify what, if anything, you would tell the client.


Working With Vulnerable Populations

Discuss issues and concerns related to working with vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, those who are incarcerated, or those with physical or mental impairments. Based on readings about vulnerable populations from the studies for this unit or other literature, discuss your understanding of voluntary consent and challenges when working with vulnerable populations. Identify specific laws and ethical standards in your state that apply to working with vulnerable populations, reporting child or elder abuse, and conducting research with vulnerable populations.

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