Independent Film Review & Presentation (125 points)

Each student is required to pick a movie that highlights a historical or current social justice issue/movement and turn in a 1-2 page review of the film and submit a power point slide presentation (max 10 slides). Along with your presentation, provide a “prompt” that students can respond to.

· *Please note that only one student will be allowed to report on any given film, so each student MUST have their film choice approved in advance.

· An ideal film is one that is likely to be both enjoyable and provide valuable insights into various social justice issues and movements.

Essays & Powerpoint presentations are to be posted in the corresponding assignment links by the due date.

Item 1: Film Review Essay (written in APA) – 75 points

Be sure to construct your essay to have the following sections and answer each prompt appropriately:

§ Topic Summary

· Give a summary of what the film is about as it relates to social justice and health (Avoid being vague “I learned a lot about social justice” – be specific)

§ Topic Discussion:

· Relevance of the film to your field. Provide insights about social justice and advocacy considering the topics and focus of the film

§ Recommendations for my field

· Provide recommendations for your field (ex: how your profession can work to eliminate such injustices; theory to practice). What intervention opportunities you would use to bring awareness of this (education, media, songs, action/advocacy etc.)

§ Conclusion: 1-2 paragraph(s) concluding the topic and writeup

Item 2: Film Review Presentation – 35 points

· Create a powerpoint presentation corresponding with your write-up report and include a discussion prompt viewers can respond to. Submit to corresponding Discussion Board Thread

· Read and respond to one student’s presentation AND their discussion prompt. “Your presentation was cool or good” will not count. Your response should add/facilitate the topic.


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