Discuss the difference between now and what existed in antiquity

Please, answer 2 of the following questions:

  1. International trade always existed, even in ancient times. So, why do we call this present era “Globalization”? discuss the difference between now and what existed in antiquity and until pre-modern times. Specifically, please describe the “building blocks” (technologies, the internet, shipping technologies, lower trade tariff barriers, and more) that gave life to the brand new contemporary “ecosystem” which in turn made Globalization possible.2. Globalization has winners and losers. Please explain why jobs (mostly manufacturing jobs) massively migrated from the more mature West (USA, Europe) to up and coming Asia, especially China. Why did this happen? And who got ahead? Who was left behind? What can governments do to help the losers?3. Please explain “global supply chains”. Why were they developed? Are they cost-effective? Please provide some examples.4. Globalization means also the creation of global brands, companies whose products are known and respected all over the world. There are also some brands that became global before globalization as we know it today developed. Please describe the history of Coca-Cola, from an obscure beverage created by an Atlanta pharmacist, to the best known global brand.5. Connected to the previous question, please describe the history of Gillette.6. Regarding both, Gillette and Coca-Cola please describe their different strategies to stay ahead in an evolving, highly competitive, global market place. Both companies face challenges. What are they? How are they trying to meet them? Will they succeed?

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