Essay Questions:

  1. Go to page 8 and study Figure 1.2 study the five positions listed underĀ Operations Management Positions. (a) List all five of them and describe each position. (b) Tell which one appeals to you the most and why. (Please use google for this part as I do not have the figure)
  2. Write 150 words on the ten strategic OM decisions with an explanation of each one. Give a personal experience on using any of these OM decisions in your past or current work.


  1. The relatively few activities that make a difference between a firm having and not having a competitive advantage are known as which of the following?
    1. Activity maps
    2. Key success factors
    3. Global profiles
    4. SWOT
    5. Gantt charts
  2. Which are the current challenges for operations managers?
    1. Mass customization
    2. Empowered employees and enriched jobs describe each position
    3. JIT performance
    4. Rapid product development and design collaboration
    5. All of the above
  3. Operations managers do all but which of the following?
    1. Design goods and services
    2. Manage quality
    3. Process and capacity design
    4. Financing contracts
    5. Maintenance
  4. The international organization that describe each position
    1. NAFTA
    2. Maquiladoras
    3. European Union


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