“Debate It –Expertise- and Consumer-oriented Approaches” Please respond to the following:

Expertise- vs. Consumer-oriented Approach – Many school districts offer alternative choices for high schools.  Some of these choices include: charter schools, school of choice, and online schools.

  • Assume there is no public high school in your community, review some of the alternative choices or options that would fit your criteria for a high school.  From one of your selection, provide the web link to the program.
  • Take a stance on which view, expertise or consumer approach, is the appropriate method to help parents decide on the school for their child.  Provide some rational or reason for picking this method.

“Clarifying the Evaluation Request” Please respond to the following:

  • The State Superintendent of Schools has asked your department to conduct a program evaluation of the school district and the assessment procedures they follow.
    • Discuss two (2) questions/items you ask the Superintendent for clarification (what the super really wants to see)?
    • Share you thought on why these questions/items needs to be answered before the starting the evaluation.
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