Communication Theory Ch1







Which of the following statements accurately describes how people create messages?


Griffin, Ledbetter, and Sparks suggest that communication students should grow to the point where they think about theory every time they communicate with someone. T/F


Communication is a ________ process because it takes place between two or more people.


One limitation of the “lens” metaphor is that it leaves little room for human free will. T/F


When some scholars refer to communication as a “crossroads discipline,” they mean:


When we say a theorist’s ideas (or hunches) are “informed,” we mean:


According to the textbook, for a message to be considered communication, it must:


How many different definitions of “communication” have communication scholars developed?


The textbook mentions three metaphors for communication theory. Two of them are the “lens” and the “net.” What is the third metaphor?


A systematic hunch:


The textbook suggests that one limitation of the “lens” metaphor is that it:


Most scholars reserve the term theory for an integrated _______ of concepts.


A record of a message that can be analyzed by others is a(n):


When we say communication is a process, we mean:


Messages are the core of communication study. T/F


Using Popper’s metaphor of the net, what does he mean when he talks about making the mesh of the net “finer and finer”?


Why is theory building a “risky business”?


According to Burgoon, a theory is basically an informed “hunch.” T/F


Words and other symbols are open to multiple interpretations, making them:


According to Griffin, communication is the rational process of creating and interpreting messages that elicit a response. T/F


Objective scholars have studied communication apprehension. What weakness exists in this body of research?


One measure of a good interpretive theory is the extent to which it reforms society. T/F


Which of the following statements is not a standard for a good objective theory?


Which of the following statements is not a standard for a good interpretive theory?


When comparing objective and interpretive theories, the counterpart to the objective standard of simplicity is the interpretive standard of:


Griffin, Ledbetter, and Sparks compare the interpretive and objective approaches to two elements of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment. Which of the following correctly matches the theoretical tradition to the personality type?


Why might an objective scholar choose to administer a survey rather than performing an experiment?


The twin objectives of scientific research are:


Which of the following is most likely to bother a critical theorist?


Objective scholars have studied communication apprehension. What weakness exists in this body of research?


The __________ states that researchers should grant others that occur in their construction the same autonomy they practice constructing them.


The aim of textual analysis is to describe and interpret the characteristics of a message.


In the self-referential imperative, Krippendorff encourages scholars to remove as much bias from research as they possibly can.


The rule of parsimony states that:


Empiricists maintain that as long as a theory can accurately predict future behavior, knowing the reason why it did is relatively unimportant.


Laura travels to a foreign country on study abroad for a semester. While there, she takes every opportunity to immerse herself in the local culture. She takes many notes on her observations about the country, and then turns her notes into a term paper. Laura’s activity is most similar to:


Carlos’ participants one of three advertisements for soap. Carlos has carefully manipulated the credibility of each ad across conditions. He then measures whether participants are interested in buying the soap. What kind of data collection is Carlos conducting?


Another term for “relative simplicity” is “parsimony.”


The requirement that a scientific theory must be stated in a way that it can be tested using empirical data is:


If an interpretive theorist’s article meets the standard of aesthetic appeal, what are you most likely to find in the article?


Which of the following is an interpretive theorist most likely to investigate?


Which of the following traditions is most ancient, dating back to Greco-Roman scholars such as Aristotle and Cicero?


Which of the following companies is most clearly a member of the “culture industries” critiqued by critical scholars?


The critical tradition is concerned with the way that language can be used to perpetuate power imbalances.


The phenomenological tradition attempts to understand everyday life from the standpoint of the person who is living it.

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