Question 1.Which of the following is NOT one of strategic human resource management schools of thought?

Best fit
Reserve-based view
Best practice
Resource-based view
Question 2.__________ refers to leveraging linkages between human resource practices and organizational objectives for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.

Personnel administration
Skills management
Strategic human resource management
Human resource practices
Question 3.Which of the following is NOT true about independent contractors?

Independent contractors use their own tools.
Employer does not have to contribute to their Social Security, Medicare and unemployment Taxes, or workers’ compensation costs.
Independent contractors do not have to pay income taxes.
Independent contractors design their own schedules.
Question 4.Which of the following is NOT one of the factors to be considered by organizations before venturing into global recruiting?

Organizational structure
Cultural differences
Brand recognition
Variations in HR laws, practices and compensation systems
Question 5.Which of the following is most likely to be listed on the job specification for a grocery store manager?

Designs, coordinates and communicates schedules on a weekly basis to ensure adequate staffing of all shifts.
Works with head office personnel to plan and implement marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, weekly sales, seasonal specials, and other store functions.
Leads the process of staffing and training all store personnel.
Has three years of managerial experience, preferably in retail.
Question 6.Which of the following is NOT one of the sources of information that help an organization determine the type of training it needs?

Individual analysis
Competitor analysis
Job analysis or task analysis
Organizational analysis
Question 7.What is one reason employees might be more satisfied with flexible benefits than with traditional benefits?

Flexible benefits offer better healthcare coverage.
Flexible benefits are simpler to understand.
Flexible benefits offer more decision making control.
Flexible benefits are less expensive.
Question 8.The illegal practice of hiring less qualified employees because they belong to a group that is underrepresented is often called:


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