Write a 4 page essay on Napoleonic paintings.

The genre of this picture is history painting for it contains human figure besides representing the nature in its correct form. Moreover, the painting has a subject matter that is more significant to the viewer for instance. it reflects the history of the Napoleonic war era. Upright rectangular landscape elongated to feature other images of warring soldiers seen in the background. Besides the landscape is bear and has a climbing. The image is in dynamic energy, which is evident from the posture of the picture. Exaggerated moonlight achieved by the use of bright colours is evident intelligent use of brushwork to reveal the strong physiques of the horse, its rider, and propaganda words written on the ground.Through the little, natural, soft and direct light besides lack of shadow, the viewer is able to guess the time of the day. The viewer recognizes different obstacles or objects in the picture using varied colours ranging from bright to dark. The picture symbolises the Napoleon war era in whereby Jacques-Louis David uses the horse to cross to the war zone. The painting was done by Jacques-Louis David showing Bonaparte crossing the Alps waters in between 1800 and 1801 besides, which is an oil canvas done on a sheet measuring 260 by 221cm. The picture depicts a portrait painting in that the artist made the whole image to be the main or specific point of concern. It shows the full body of Bonaparte resulting to being a portrait painting. The artist uses an upright rectangular background that is enough.

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