Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Sports nutrition for Adolescence.

The journal article focuses on determining the hydration enhancement levels of both the coconut water and sports drinks (Feldman, 2012). The study focuses on the artificially colored carbohydrate sports drinks. The drinks contain carbohydrate elements. The study focuses on the use of coconut water to increase the athletes’ hydration levels..The athletes were either drinking coconut water or carbohydrate sports drinks. The athletes’ exercise performances were then measured. The researchers gathered data on the respondents’ regular exercise routines. The treadmill test was used in the experiment s (Feldman, 2012). Rehydration fills the sports person’s need for water. Another research indicated energy drinks supply energy-boosting nutrients to the sports person (Wilborn, 2012). By consuming lesser nutrition amounts, the athletes get easily tired, reducing their racing speed (Seco et al., 2013). The findings show that there is no significant difference between coconut water and the carbohydrate sports drinks. Both methods were able to hydrate the sports athletes. Similarly, the athletes drinking either coconut water and carbohydrate sports drink suffered from stomach upsets. ConclusionThe results of the research show that both drinks are able to hydrate the sports athletes. There is no significant difference between the carbohydrate sports drinks and coconut water, in terms of hydration of the athletes. Both the sports drinks and coconut water enhanced the athletes’ exercises.

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