RESPONSE PAPER 3, Due Monday, March 7 (2-page, double-spaced)

Artists create work to make the individual or collective unconscious visible – cultural, social or political. Many contemporary artists are commenting on current social or political events. Throughout history artists have expressed political or social experiences that reflect their own time. Follow the guidelines to write a 2 page, double spaced response paper (SEE PART I, II AND II BELOW). Cite your reference resources. You may upload your paper here to Isidore assignments.

PART I. WATCH either Part 1 OR Part 2 of the PBS Special Latino Americans and in two paragraphs briefly SUMMARIZE:

Episode 1: Foreigners in Their Own Land

http:// 2: Empire of Dreams

http:// II. WRITE ONE paragraph that briefly describes the social and/or political context in ONE of the following works of art:

Salvador Dali, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans, o/c 1936

Francisco Goya, The Third of May, 1808, o/c 1914

Honore Daumier, Rue Transnonain, April 15, 1834, lithograph

Rashid Johnson, Souls of Black Folk, Installation, 2010

PART III. SELECT ONE WORK in the Roesch Gallery exhibition Latino Art of the Midwest: Into the 21st Century. WRITE a visual analysis of the work you have selected (describe)

AND discuss the social value of this particular work of art, the subject matter, the symbolism, its meaning, and the artist’s intentions. (You may use the artists’ statements handout available in the gallery as a resource reference.)

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