Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Senior Capston Project.

Specific Factors that may influence learning in the selected group for health education programs – Health Education Programs are most required at work sites. There are certain specific factors which influence learning in this group. People at work sites are able minded working individuals, They are more responsible than any other member in the other groups. They are wage earners so their responsibility is that much more than school goers and people in any specific community. People at the work site can convey the effects of the health education program to the members of their family, be it school children or even members of the community. This will begin a chain reaction – children who are taught by them will go to school and teach or at least influence other children and this will in turn benefit the entire community. Most importantly, if the health program can be successfully implemented health at work place will improve incredibly. This will result in optimum productivity in the entire industry. Of course there are some developmental considerations that need to be considered when planning the program. Age and body weight are two major considerations. Health education program need to be planned according to the age of the group it is to be implemented on. Depending on the age of an individual health requirements and principles of health management would need to be altered. Health programs would also have to be implemented keeping in mind the average body weight of the group.

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