Write 2 page essay on the topic Response To Peter Pans Text.

The heterosexual desire is seen in the interaction of the two as they are overly sexualized. The focused light is although contrasted later in the scene due to lack of pigmentation in Peter’s face when he is losing the fight in the last battle with Hook. The play displays the use of lighting to indicate different character’s feelings. In the romantic scene with Wendy, sexual stimulation and excitement are shown by the use of color red, while blue lighting reflects unhappiness and the lack of sexual stimulation. The play is revealing shades and colors since it is lit to resemble daylight before the entrance of Peter. When the two male protagonists start to fight the set is changed into a dark shade of red. The lighting also changes in the play highlighting Hook’s face to be red indicating his excitement. This happens when he’d realized he was beating Peter in the emotional game through verbally announcing his anxieties and fears, while Peter’s face was in a dull shade of blue showing his sadness. However, this changes when he battled Peter to the ground as the color changed to blue showing compassion. The play implicates a deeper connectional meaning to their fight, emotional attachments to each other, instead of the original version of good and evil. It shows that they are incomplete and have secret desires for companionship. The play shows the attempt by Disney in fighting or trying to eliminate the homosocial aspects present in Barrie’s work out of the culture media.

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