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forensic pathologists will be able to determine the subtle differences among near-contact gunshot wounds, contact gunshot wounds, distant gunshot wounds, medium range gunshot wounds. The determination of the nature of Sam’s wounds will be possible since the process involves the use of experience and technology to ascertain various significant details on Sam’s death. According to Siegel (2009), some of these details that are relevant to Sam’s three wounds will be range, direction, sequence of firing pattern and the path that will have been travelled between exit and entry wounds. In the same respect, the likelihood of Sam surviving the gunshot wounds can also be determined to help find out whether there are other forms of lethal harm that may have been inflicted upon the victim. Again, by studying Sam’s wounds, it is possible to determine the type or model of firearm that was used. Should the analysis yield different results, then it will be obvious that different guns may have been used (Siegel, 2009).

From the wounds that Sam incurred, it is possible to classify them as defensive wounds, or wounds that may have been inflicted by sentient beings. The presence of defensive wounds may not only indicate wrongful death, but also the murderer’s proximity to Sam. The crux of the matter herein is that Sam’s wound will be helpful in helping the police with extensive crucial

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