Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on You need to reflect on the topics you have studied in the past two weeks and how you will be able to apply it to your and/or professional life. It needs to be at least 250 words.

It has made me envisage products not as dead, but rather organic and social things. With regards to my immediate job, these units did help me to consolidate what I knew on a tentative basis and help me bind my experience in a pragmatic perspective. I would definitely like to improve on my communication skills. This could go a long way in helping the customers understand the varied facets of the properties I manage. Unit 8 has indeed helped me realize the fact that every product does have a persona and a personality and thereby information could indeed serve to be a make or break factor in the positioning of any product. It is my personal experience that customers do not get stimulated and enticed by products that either promise way too much, or do fail to deliver on the promises the marketing professionals associated with that product made. In the current globalized and information savvy world, information could act as a factor commanding an immense importance for both the businesses and the customers. As an employee this has opened us up to accept the power that any information related to a product does hold, out there in the market. I am looking forward to catch up on the reading list tagged to these units. I am sure it would facilitate me with ample theoretical grounding and

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