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Instead, it should be understood for the company’s growth and development in terms of management and productivity.

It is a common knowledge that every human being is born unique from one another. But sometimes, there are common attitude that people share. Most men projects authority over the other gender is an example. There are certain business organizations, such as technical and industrial companies, that men are the usual individual to have an executive position or even the job itself . This group believes that it is odd to have women working in these fields. Because of this, said industries are having difficulties in keeping and hiring female workers (Weiss n.d.).

In his article, Managing Gender Diversity: Five Secrets for a Manager’s Toolkit, Weiss cited a research study by Louann Brizendine on how men and women faces the environment they are working on. According to Brizendine, men and women react accordingly based on how their brain processes information, what their intuition is saying, how they feel, their intention in communicating and anger management. Women’s brain works, first, by identifying the faces of the people around them while men are more on scanning their environment. This is the reason why women are more capable of sensing other people’s emotion than men. Most women also trust in their gut feeling than men.

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