Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Math 157 course.

This research will begin with the statement that mathematics is a fundamental tool that is used to solve puzzles occurring in nature. Thus teaching mathematics not only provided learners with a useful concept but also problem-solving strategies. Data analysis is a fundamental concept that we covered in the first week through the course. This involves processes used to inspect, clean and model data to derive useful information.&nbsp. In this context, data refers to raw information obtained from the field or a real experiment. Real data is more complex than data used for class practice. Complexities of real data required us to apply data analysis software such as SPSS and Stata. Moreover, data collection is a costly procedure and, therefore, statisticians require the knowledge of probability. The concept of probability explains the outcomes of random events and the likelihood of certain occurrences. These concepts are useful in determining samples in a field study or a survey. The concepts of probability are established on the existence of a sample space consisting of possible outcomes and ratios that represent each possibility. For example, a coin tossing experiment has two outcomes and a sample space sample S = {H, T}, with P (H) =P (T) = ½. In the third, fourth and fifth week we covered the concepts of geometry. Geometry provides essential mathematical concepts that are used to describe the size, shape and relative position of an object.

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