Final Stock Market Report – maximum 1,500 words

To pass this assessment you MUST:

• Submit a final report that analyses the performance of your chosen share(s) throughout the entire timeperiod finishing with the closing price on Friday 13 July 2018, paying particular attention to significant changes in the share price• Reference your sources using Harvard

To achieve a higher grade in this assessment you SHOULD:

• Analyse the performance of your share(s) in detail, providing credible evidence to support your analysis and considering factors that affected the sector as a whole• Discuss your decision on whether or not to change shares and the factors that influenced you in your choice

To achieve a grade at the highest level you COULD:

• Analyse recent market factors that have affected the sector of the share that you monitored after the share trading window• Discuss how well your share(s) performed compared to the sector index or indices such as the FTSE 100. Useappropriate charts and tables to illustrate your arguments• Compare the performance of your share(s) with that of key competitors• Compare the performance of your chosen share(s) with a second choice of share


To achieve higher marks in either report you will analyse the reasons for what happened, comparing your company with other relevant businesses, the sector and the economy in general, and taking into account any newsworthy events that affected the share price.

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