Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Equal Rights vs. Economic Restructuring. It needs to be at least 250 words.

I particularly agree with Kollontai’s assertion that until economic inequalities are changed, nothing will really change and no, granting women the rights of suffrage, property ownership, wage ownership, and legal citizenship has not totally eliminated inequality.

The assertion of Kollontai and Goldman are valid and in fact already practiced today and connected in a manner that childcare support from the state allows greater economic independence for women because it gives them the freedom to pursue their careers. This is however simplistic because childcare support and economic freedom does not automatically end inequality and discrimination against women. To eliminate inequality, the sense of justice should be present in all dimensions of society from the home, workplace to society at large. For example, to end inequality, husband and wife should treat each other as equals and therefore will take parenting and marriage as shared responsibility. It meant that the wife will not have to cook and serve the husband after work and it can be done by either party who has the time and energy to do it. In the workplace, it meant ending discrimination in all its forms from unequal wages to unjust treatment of pregnant women. This should also transcend to society at large where women should be seen not just as wives and housekeepers but an important part of societal

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