Our definition of operational excellence is the delivery of quality products, at a faster rate than the competition, with increased throughput generating more revenue while reducing or holding steady the cost of goods sold.

You may choose to work in teams, or on your own. This assignment is course-long, studying Amazon and Walmart from an operations perspective. You may also partner and share as you like in preparation of the essay, but must submit individual essays. If you are using a colleague’s work as part of your submission, please cite accordingly.

Amazon versus Walmart–who is doing better managing their operation relative to customer value proposition? Why? What data and facts support your position? 

You will need to do additional research of the companies using published literature such as the Wall Street Journal, Industry Week, Barons, Bloomberg, McKinsey, and the 24/7 Supply Chain site. Then, based upon the theory and analysis please recommend a company between Amazon and Walmart for a long term, say 10-year, financial investment given the information uncovered.

Please ensure you are creating evidence-based arguments, focused upon theoretical application of information and data from an operational perspective. Please don’t provide financial or marketing analysis. Rather, focus upon the people, processes and technologies of the value chain. This includes vendor management, inbound logistics, processing, shipping, warehousing, distribution and final delivery. 

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