Reading Literacy: Action Research for Educators 

Respond to the questions below: Using 300 words. APA Style and reference.

  • 1. In Reading Literacy study.  Include how it relates to the specialization you are studying for your MSED degree.
  • 2.Three research questions that you will consider using as a basis for an action research study in your classroom or      educational setting.
  • 3. An explanation as to why your  selected research questions would be effective in guiding a viable      research exploration and how they reflect an issue, problem, idea, or dilemma prominent in your current professional life. 
  • 4. Provide a rationale for your research questions engaging with the Litmus Test and      data you have collected in your educational setting as support.
  • Helpful Reference
  • Stringer, E. T. (2014). Action research (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 
  • · Chapter 8, “Reports: Informing Stakeholders” (pp. 217–218)
  • · Chapter 9, “Action Research and the Internet” (pp. 239–246)
  • Efron, S. E., & Ravid, R. (2013). Action research in education: A practical guide. New York, NY: The Guilford Press. 
  • · Chapter 2, “Choosing and Learning About Your Research Topic” (pp. 13–38)
  • · Chapter 3, “Approaches to Action Research” (p. 48)
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