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Working mothers are an encouragement to any nation as the work force of the country along with its economy climb ladders. Working mothers are a source of talent and increase the productive capacity of an economy. In earlier years women were less educated and were tied up to homes to carry out household activities. But industrial revolution in America, led to the employment of women in work sector to fill the gap in the work force demands. Women have this extra – ordinary capability of managing work and home which is outstanding .Working mothers are equal to their male counter parts when it comes to professional skill and talent and also share a responsible position at work place. It is also found that working mothers get more respect at their home and family as they earn and support them financially.

Women are more satisfied when they are employed and this brings strong confidence and appreciation in their mind and attitude. As per “When women self-identify them-selves as having a career, they report being more satisfied and feeling more positive in every area”. This positive reelection in working mother extends to the society which project social equality and freedom among both the male and female gender. Working mothers are more respected at their home and also receive credible assistance from their spouse with regard to household activities.

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