OM470 Supply Chain Network and Additional Linear Programming Practice 

This is a more professional assignment, I need an excellent student of OM major to complete. This section shows only some of the requirements (not all)All the requirements for my assignment are in the documentation below. ?A total of five questions?

I finally need to get two documents so that I can count as you have completed my work. One of them is the analysis of the word document, and the other is the spreadsheet form of Excel.

a. Draw a network diagram representing the problem of minimizing total transportation cost associated with shipping product from the warehouses to meet market demand.

b. Formulate an LP model to solve this problem. Please list all the decision variables, objective function and constraints.

c. Suppose the cooperative also has a warehouse in Omaha with a supply of 500 units and transportation cost to Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Louis of, respectively, 6, 5, 7, and 9. Extend the LP formulation of part (b) to include this option.

d. Explain why the cost of meeting the demand in part (C) cannot exceed the cost of meeting demand in part (b).

e. Solve the model given in part (b) and (c) using Excel Solver.

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