Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Bureau of Labor Statistics Analysis Report.

These views lead to the motivation hypothesis (Mohr and Zoghi 3). On the other hand, the report argues that, intensified work does not add to job satisfaction. Intensified work includes adding more responsibilities to a worker in an effort to create job enrichment. These views support the intensification hypothesis.

The Canadian survey shows that workers participating in job enrichment practices have greater job satisfaction. These practices include quality circles, those with information on workplace changes and suggestion programs. In addition, the survey determines the impact of wages on the job satisfaction. The study outcomes intensely support the hypothesis of motivation as opposed to the intensification hypothesis. The report further asserts that there is a strong relationship between job satisfaction and enrichment practices even among people with deeply enriched jobs. A direct examination of the intensification proposition does not also give any support for the hypothesis to support job satisfaction (Mohr and Zoghi 13). On the other hand, all variables tested for job enrichment show that those practices increase motivation and hence satisfaction. These statistics support the motivation proposition. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that job enrichment is enriching. Adding job enrichment practices to workers jobs increases motivation thus, leading to job

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