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Therefore, the customers of this product will experience a sense of class, without spending a lot of money on the gadget.

The closest brand competitor of this phone is mainly other smartphones produced by Apple Inc. However, I chose Samsung, compared to Apple because Samsung products are affordable. As a student, I have no income that would enable me purchase a smartphone from Apple, since this company produces for the top income earners in society. The price of Samsung S III has also been lowered, compared to its pricing last year. In addition, I chose to buy a Samsung phone because of the features of the phone. For instance, this phone operates on an Android operating system, compared to Apple phones, which operate on a different operating system (iOS), which is somehow difficult to use for those who are not used to Apple products.

My decision to buy this Samsung phone was highly influenced by the marketing of the product. Samsung is good at marketing, compared to its competitors. The company employs diverse marketing strategies, which enable its customers to learn about new products. Samsung S III has been marketed for a long time, since last year. This is through advertising, sales promotions, internet marketing, among others. Therefore, I became more familiar with the Samsung S III, compared to other brands, and this is what finally drove me to buy the

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