Write a 2 page essay on The Slow Food Movement.

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This movement immediately gained widespread popularity and the manifesto was officially signed in Paris in the year 1989 by the delegates from the fifteen participating countries. The primary purpose of this movement is to counter the growing culture of fast food and that is why the movement has been given the name of ‘Slow Food’. The philosophy behind it is that everyone should have access to organically grown food that is not only good for the consumer but also leaves a greener carbon footprint on the entire planet. The members of the movement are determined to their cause of promoting regional cuisines and slow the accelerating growth of fast food culture. They organize events to promote the slow food culture, and seminars to tell about the health risks which the fast food poses to its consumers. Among many of their events is the ‘Ark of taste’. This event is organized at different regions of the world where the local at-risk food is promoted (Petrini, 2007). The person should think about the taste and the content of the food that he is eating rather than being interested in only gobbling up what is present on his plate. The Slow Food movement aims to convey their agenda to the youth of different countries because they are the primary consumers of the fast food. The Slow Food Movement intends to create awareness regarding the importance of slow food.

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