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An investment strategy for an inherited amount of £ 100,000 suggested by a financial advisor seeks a balanced portfolio of investments consisting of building and bank deposits, individual saving accounts (ISAs), unit and/ or investment trusts, gilts, ordinary shares, and premium bonds. This write up contains a discussion on various strategic issues in order to facilitate the decision of financial advisor about the constituents of the investment portfolio.

1. Information required by financial advisor from investor to plan investment portfolio

A financial advisor would seek following information from the investor before proceeding to extend his professional guidance for an investment portfolio of £ 100000:

Long Term goals and objectives

The long term objectives of an investor differ from person to person. Objective may constitute arrangement of income after retirement, purchasing of a house property, or any other goal. These days investors seek some sort of financial independence. That implies that investors require certain amount of income from investment portfolio in order to maintain a particular standard or status of life without caring about the future. It is very important for investor to quantify these objectives and convey those in clear terms to the financial consultant.

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